Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Interesting article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr, written by the author of the book Big Switch which I blogged about few months back (It is a reading in one of classes, could not help writing a blog after I read it). He observes that with the internet we are more and more used to skim through and jump from link to link, a habit he suspects that may have a negative effect on our brain, alienating us from serious and focus reading.
But, his evidence does not run very deep, mostly they are personal observations, however, when I think about my own net browsing habits and what I seen others do, I feel may be there is a ring of truth in it. (However, at Grad school, there is no shortage of serious reading!! I am safe :)). Nevertheless, as he himself pointed out, when “writing was invented”, and “printing was invented” people complained lot, so on and so forth, and at each case our brained proved to up to the task. Humans are good at adapting, and with luck our brain will continue to do so.


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