How Big is the Enterpise

Who Has the Most Web Servers? provides some speculations on the number of web servers some well known companies do have. Does companies who out-compute indeed out compete? Fact that most companies does not release the number of servers seems to suggest most of them believe that way.


Hope for a New Age

Finally, the day—which most of us feared that would never arrive—has come to pass. Sri Lankan armed forces have finally brought whole Sri Lanka under one flag, a feat that took us three decades. Let us bow our heads in salutation to each member of the armed forces and to their families, whose sacrifices that made this victory possible. I hope in 10 years from now, all of us will remember their sacrifices, and when we look back at that time, we will see that we made good use of this opportunity so that we could face them without shame.

After years, I felt that on this occasion Sri Lankans have united under same idea and hope we can figure out a way to make use of this opportunity, may be the best we have had after 1815. We must remember nobody will solve our problems for us. Not UN, not the west! Otherwise, why after all those years, we have never heard of a 3rd world nation that stood up with help of their aid and direction and become a developed nation? Why we only hear exploitations and Wars created by others? No! We are alone on this fight, nor will others fight it for us, nor can others understand the situation enough to fight it for us. It is up to us to figure out a way, and stand on our feet.