Beautiful Sri Lanka

Couple of shots I was able to get on the way.

Parrots, often find as couples





Peacock, hope I will find one in its dance, one day.

Ruwanwali Saya

Ruwanwali Saya


@ Jaffna

We were @ Jaffna last weekend, following are few shots. If you are planning to go a) it takes about 14-16hours drive b) it is good if you have a SUV/Pickup as some parts of the road is not in that good condition (around Vavuniya). c) You have to leave Elephant pass by 5pm on your way back.

Nallur Kovil

Wating on A9

Waiting on A9 for Clearance

A9 Road

A9, almost at the end of road. Not many roads in SL run for 300+kms (it is 200kmX400km almost).

Elepahnt Pass

Elephant Pass


Tal Trees, Signature of Jaffna

Iranamadu Tank

Iranamadu Tank

Binary-Relay: An Efficient way to pass both XML and non-XML content through Apache Synapse

Finally got the article done on Binary Relay, which enables Apache Synapse/WSO2 ESB to pass through non-xml data (and xml data if they need to) at the byte level–a very useful tool when using Synapse/WSO2 ESB as a load balancer. It can be enabled by adding a message formatter and a builder to Axis2 via axis2.xml. Read the article for more details.