How to profile WSO2 Products

We use Profiling to find performance bottlenecks. We use tools like JProfiler and Yourkit profiler to profile java programs. However, if you try to use one of those tools to profile a WSO2 products, there are few things you should know.
I have repeated this many times, and that is the reason I am writing this down.
  1. Start the WSO2 Product
  2. Connect to the product by finding the Java processor from the menu. If you are debugging from a remote machine, you need to start the product with the JVM options (e.g. with jprofiler, the command look like -agentpath:/Applications/jprofiler7/bin/macos/libjprofilerti.jnilib=port=8849).
  3. When it connects, use instrumentation (you can sampling only if you run the test for 3-4 hours or more).
  4. Generally default filters will include org.apache.*, which will remove most useful information. To avoid that, remove all default filters, and add inclusive filters for org.wso2, org.apache, and java.util.
  5. Enable CPU or other useful data recording options, and continue with your profiling. 

Finally, if you have a memory leak, it is good idea to get a memory dump and to analyze it using EclipseMemoryAnalyzer and look at “Leak Suspect Report”.

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