Streaming Realtime Analytics from a Real Football Game

 At WSO2con Europe (, which concluded Wednesday, we did a WSO2 CEP Demo, which as very well received.  We used events generated from a real football game, calculated a bunch of analytics using WSO2 CEP (, annotated the game with information, and run it side by side with the real game’s video.

The original dataset and video was provided as part of 2013 DEBS grand challenge by ACM Distributed Event based Systems conference.

Each player had sensors in his shoes, the goalie had two more in his gloves, and ball also had a sensor. Each sensor emits events in 60Hz where an event had sensorID, time stamp, x,y,z locations, velocity and acceleration vectors.

In the video, the left-hand panel visualizes the game on 2D in sync with game running on right-hand side, and the other panels show analytics such as successful vs. failed passes, ball possession, shots on goal, running speed of players, etc.

Furthermore, we wrote queries to detect complicated scenarios such as offsides and annotate them on 2D panel. Please see the following slide deck for more information.

Now we have the technology to augment your sport viewing experience, showing interesting data overlayed with the real-time feeds in context.  Chances are that in few years, how we watch a game will be much different from now!